Allherluv – Bridgette B,Shyla Jennings – Give Me Shelter – Lost Girl


It’s a sweltering hot July morning and Shyla wakes up in her home, a cardboard box she pulled out a dumpster and hid safely in the middle of the woods. Her stomach grumbles and she looks for food inside her bag, but she has eaten the last from her dumpster dive. She reflects for a moment on what brought her in this position. It’s funny how a series of unfortunate events could bring a young woman, who was well on her way to become an Accountant, to homeless with nothing to account for. She looks at the ads inside of the paper that she uses as a sunscreen, maybe there is a way she could find a job, anything that would help her get ahead. She sees an advertisement for a woman’s shelter, her eyes light up. That’s it! If only she could have a place to sleep, a residence, a place to keep her body and clothes clean so the smell doesn’t offend potential employers.

She walks a few miles to “Bridgette and Chad White’s Homeless Residence for Women.” She feels nervous as she rings the door bell. She’s put her hand out for help a few times since losing her home and she’s always been burned. She hides behind a tree hugging whether the beautiful Bridgette is kind, safe for her to encounter. Bridgette looks kind and somewhat annoyed at Shyla’s cautious hiding. “Come on in, honey, you’re safe here. Do you want something to eat? How about something to drink? Goodness, you look awfully thirsty.” Shyla’s heart speeds up as she suspects that Bridgette might want more from her than she anticipated.

Watch the story unfold..

Date: May 11, 2021

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