Anny Aurora, Damon Dice – Naughty Office – Naughty America [HD]


Who knew! Anny Aurora’s computer is all jacked up, so she has Damon, the IT guy, roll by to save the day. He’s got something over her when he discovers that it’s the porn she’s been watching on the company laptop that’s fucking up her connection. BUT as the pornographic clip that caused all this ruckus pops up in front of them, wide-eyed Anny sees that SHE has something over Damon: he used to be a porn actor! Embarrassed, Damon quickly shuts the laptop and pleads Anny not to notify HR of his prurient past. She won’t, but only if she can experience a fantasy that’s been on her bucket list: what it’s like to fuck a porn star!

Date: September 26, 2018

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