[StepSiblingsCaught] India Summer-Only The Best For Mom-S10:E4


She told us that I had to undress all naked. Without hesitation, I took off my shirt, trousers and shorts and stood naked like Adam in front of her. She did not undress, but turned her back on me, unlocked the desk drawer, and put on some strange tape panties. When she turned, she had a dildo between her legs.

I asked in fear if it was a joke. We wanted to dress and run. She approached me and, with her gaze, she told me we don’t look like a bastards, so let me not behave. I’ll give her what she wants and she’ll do well to me. She smiled at me and took out a lubricating gel from the table. She painted it with a dildo and ordered me to bend and lean on the table. My legs were knocking like never before, but we followed her instructions.

Date: September 15, 2019

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